Phone: (205) 836-3201


Regular serves 4-6: $12.50

Large serves 8-12: $25.00


Green Bean Casserole: A holiday tradition consisting of green beans, creamy mushroom sauce and French fried onions.

Sweet Potato Casserole with Brown Sugar Crunch Topping: How Sweet It Is! Baked sweet potatoes loaded with butter and sweet cream.

Cornbread Dressing: Cornbread has been called a “cornerstone” of Southern cuisine and this is another reason we love it so much!  Homemade with onions, celery and rich chicken stock.

Macaroni & Cheese: Gooey, creamy, hot, rich and satisfying, mac and cheese is the very definition of classic comfort food.

Order and pick up between November 23 through December 19. Pickup Monday through Friday between 10:30 – 2:30 or between services each Sunday.

Sold frozen with reheating instructions.

Order by calling (205) 836-3201 or Fax (205) 836-3203

Please order 24 hours in advance. Some items may be available for immediate pickup. Stop by the Diner.


Order form available here.